About SCOA

The Southwold Caravan Owners Association (SCOA) has been running for many years and our primary aims are to: 

  • Provide a forum in which members can raise and discuss issues relating to the site, its amenities and management, and other issues relevant to caravan owners
  • Liaise with site management and local/district councillors over the future development of the static caravan site

  • Attend the Harbour Users Group (SHRBUA) to keep members informed of what is happening within the harbour lands, of which the caravan site is a part

  • Actively seek grants or community bids to develop the static caravan site in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way

  • Represent the views of members to site management, council, and other relevant bodies
  • Liaise with the management of the site on behalf of members
  • Support members in raising issues and resolving difficulties
  • Organise activities to promote good relations between members
  • Keep members informed of any developments or issues relevant to the site or to caravan owners
  • Act to promote good relations between members, and between members and management
  • Work with associations of a similar nature to exchange information, advice and knowledge, including cooperation with other voluntary bodies, charities, statutory and non statutory organisations relevant to the business of the Association